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Rishta Manzoor is the world’s famous organisation with the objectives to help people in searching their marriage proposals. We acknowledge that the process of searching marital proposals is complex and this involves emotions, social and cultural norms. We design our services for the individuals in needs to feel safe, secure and confident to start and complete their journey from ‘being individual’ to ‘be married’ without compromising their respect, dignity, cultural and social needs. This means we use our all efforts to enable Rishtamanzoor.Com to equip with highly professional staff and genuine proposals with our tailor-made packages to meet our customers’ needs.

Rishtamanzoor.Com (a trading name of Rishta ManzoorEnterprise Limited) a registered company in the Pakistan, having head office in the Lahore and we provide services worldwide. We expanded our business operations to provide matchmaking services to the people of different races, different religions and probably to all countries in the world. We acknowledge the difficulties people face due to incompetent and inexpert individuals un-skillfully handling the marriage proposals and they play with individuals’ feelings in the name of marriages. At Rishta Manzoor, our customers will be able to see verified details of their proposals in a cozy and safe environment of their homes so, they would only proceed with their interested parties when they would be ensured that they have a good prospect to success in their interested proposal. To make this happen, we approach the marriageable people from all walks of life and put our terms and conditions to filter the genuine people and offer the proposals to our customers through our carefully chosen packages which means all the proposals offered in our packages would meet most of your requirements which would also give you ultimate feelings that your journey to find your spouse is going to be successfully completed. We can confidently say that Rishta Manzooris on its way to successfully achieve its goals by approaching millions of people worldwide to find their perfect matches.

Thus, the wait is over. We are welcoming singles to sign up for free and start looking out for their best matches. Your privacy and confidentiality is our responsibility. This means we will never disclose your information (i.e personal details, contact details) to the other party without your consent so you can browse our database of proposals with full confidence and self-esteem.

Moreover, we are providing safety guidelines for our users to use Rishtamanzoor.Com community in the safest manner. Please go through our safety guidelines in order to make sure you know all our privacy concerns and what is unsafe to be done through the platform. If you feel any inconveniences, please feel free to contact us

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