Be Safe Online Guidance

Rishta Manzoor is committed to provide you a safer and secure online experience. We came up with an appropriate guideline to maintain a safer experience for you. Every profile is screened through several aspects to exclude any irrelevant content from profiles in order to present the real personal details for our users.

Keep the following in mind to have an enjoyable matchmaking experience over Rishta Manzoor.

  • Initiate the conversation
  • Use our messages and calls service to get in touch with each other
  • It is highly recommended to use public phones unless you’ve built up a trust with our members
  • You’ve all the rights to take your time and if you feel someone is putting you under pressure, you can report them
  • Plan a meeting
  • Never meet anyone at personal residence directly, try public places before moving forward
  • Simply report or mark the profile as spam
  • In exceptional cases, contact our support
  • Never share any bank/payment details with any member
  • No member can ever ask you for any kind of payment through platform, so simply report the profile in such a case
  • If you find anyone sharing spam photos with you, you can report them
  • Usage of abusive language is not allowed in any case and in case you get to meet such an instance, feel free to write to us and report the profile right away
  • If you come over someone having multiple profiles, contact our support immediately
  • Anybody asking for money
  • Anybody investigating about your bank or payment details could be a scam
  • Someone not clear about describing himself/herself
  • Asks your address for various purposes or sending out gifts
  • Never introduces you to family or friends
  • Gets serious about you in no time
Contact customer support or write to us in any of the above cases and we will be right there to help you out!