Privacy Policy

Rishta Manzoor gives utmost importance to your privacy and aims to provide you a safe experience here. Following are some important concerns that you might have regarding our privacy policy:

What information Rishta Manzoor collects from you?

We’ve divided the information we collect into three major categories.

Information you voluntarily submit to us
  • Your profile information including your picture, address, contact information and DOB etc.
  • Your credit/debit card number that you submit us for buying our premium services
  • The proofs of your identity that you share on your profile
  • Your message, chats and the content published by you over site
  • Your photo identities that you upload to our site
Information we indirectly take
  • Your user activity i.e. the time you logged in and logged out of our platform
  • Your device activity that includes the sessions you had on our platform from a number of devices for our privacy concerns
  • Your IP address or other location related information
Information we seek from third party apps/platforms

We offer Facebook/Google sign in options and for that we collect your information from the third party app/platform that you use to sign in to our system. We offer synchronising your social platforms on our platform for keeping it real and therefore we collect your data from the connected platforms

How do we use the collected information?
  • Displaying your information for the relevant results and matches
  • Providing you with our support
  • Communicating with you through email and/or other forms of contacts we choose for offering our matrimonial and other related services
  • Managing your account
Who can see your information through us?
  • Our members: Our members can see your profile for getting in touch with you. It includes your personal and contact details and not any payment information.
  • Our partners: Our partners can have access to your information for offering and providing services.
  • Law enforcement agencies: If law enforcement agencies demand us of any information about our users then we can share your information with them.
How do we protect your information?

We’ve implemented security protocols over our APIs and network and ensure a safe and secure experience through our site. But, we’re not sure of internet request and navigational tools about using or accessing your information. Internet is a blind spool of services so a complete safety of it cannot be assured. However, we have made sure to ensure a secure browsing experience on our site.

How do I know about any change made to Privacy policy or TOS?

In case of any important update in our policies, Rishta Manzoor would send you emails and notifications for you to keep you updated but we don’t take any responsibility to deliver such messages it is user’s responsibility to keep up to date with our terms and conditions.