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Registration is free of cost at www.Rishtamanzoor.com. All you need to do is filling our registration form and you’re all set to go!

Yes, one can register on the behalf a friend or family member but you need to specify your relation with them.

Yes, one can register on the behalf a friend or family member but you need to specify your relation with them.

Yes, a phone number can be used on more than one profiles but the number is limited to two only. Once you put a number, your profile is marked as duplicate and it is advised to contact our support team in such case with appropriate proofs that both profiles are meant for different members. The duplicate profile won’t be shown in search results until our team marks them non-duplicate

We pass a profile through a number of screenings and it usually takes around 24 hours to make it live.

  • You can follow the following steps for uploading your photo identity:
  • Login your account
  • Tap the menu and click ‘Profile’
  • In the profile area, click on photo ID
  • A menu will open that will allow you to choose the picture you want to upload
  • Choose your picture and click ‘Open’
  • Your image will be successfully uploaded
  • You can upload a photo from social media platform
  • You can also email us your photo at support@Rishtamanzoor.com
  • You can follow the steps below to reset your phone number or email address:
  • Login your profile
  • Go to settings
  • Click ‘My Profile’
  • Edit your email or phone
  • Click ‘Save’

After you enter your phone number, we’ll send you a code shortly. If you face any issues for verification, feel free to contact our customer support.

Privacy Settings

Yes, in case you’re facing such issues, you can hide your phone number in our privacy settings.

Yes, you can definitely hide your information from general public. The personal information such phone number and contact details would not be shared with any user unless you allow

    The information you can limit for other users include:
  • Your photo ID You can hide your photo ID from public to your contacts. This is when you add a person to your contacts, only then they can review your photo ID.
  • Your contact details If needed, you can set privacy on your contact details like email and phone number to be visible to your contacts only instead of public.
  • Your horoscope details Your date of birth and other horoscopic details are able to be hidden from public Rishta Manzoor users. Instead, you can limit your birth details to be visible to your contacts only.
Search Profile

Rishta Manzoor provides with a search feature on its website which allows you to search for people based on a number of search parameters. You can either search for people in a specified age group, religion and mother language. This would help you searching for your best match and interacting with them.

By logging into your account, you can find your way to settings and select ‘My Partner Preferences’ from menu. You can edit and update your partner preferences there. The results would be based on your chosen preferences later.

You can set your partner’s preferences to allow the relevant people to contact you. Thus, setting the right preferences would show you relevant results and your profile would also be shown to relevant people for contacting you.

Yes, you can subscribe Rishta Manzoor’s Match Alerts feature in settings. This is also asked for during your signup.

Initial Contact

After you come up with a profile that interests you, you can contact them to show your interest. But before, you would have to upgrade to paid membership.

  • Yes, there are limits on the interest requests one can send based on their membership plan.
  • Free members can avail 100 interests daily
  • Paid members can send up to 200 interests daily based on the type of membership they have
  • Do read the terms & Conditions for more clarification
  • Paid members always get an edge over the other members in services
  • You can avail more profile interests
  • You can make your contact details visible to other
  • You get the opportunity to personalise your chats
  • You can get direct phone or email address for further communication

You’ll find the option to upgrade your membership in profile settings under your membership plan. For further assistance, you can contact us.

You can set your payment plan in your payment options. You can add your IBAN number or credit/debit card number for making online transaction. You can pay online or in any other mode of payment which is available on Rishtamanzoor.com at the time of payment or by any other mode of payment if otherwise agreed.


You can login to your Rishta Manzoor profile on our login page and simply adding your credentials and clicking the login button.

For logging out of your profile, hover the cursor over your profile picture and you’ll get the logout option there.

For regaining access to your account, you can visit the login page and click the option saying “Forgot Password?” and you can find further instructions on resetting your password there.

Under the profile setting option in your account, you can find the option on changing/updating your password.

You must keep a password having both small and capital combination of alphabets along with numbers and special characters to ensure a strong and safe password.

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Fraudulent Activity

It is advised to immediately contact us in case of any fraudulent activity or suspicious attempt. Our support will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, you should immediately report us about the two different IDs owned by a same person along with appropriate proofs.

Customer support

You can simply post a query and we will contact you. Or you can contact our helpline 24/7.

Common Issues

It is advised to review your partner preference list and make sure that you have not set very narrow matching criteria.

You might have opted out of receiving future emails and notifications and that might be the reason for you not getting the emails from Rishta Manzoor. If you want to get email notifications, enable the emails in settings under your profile section.

Changing Basic Details

These are the root details that are not normally going to change and the exceptions might be too less. So, in order to maintain a reliable experience we don’t allow changing basic info and if it is something important you can post a query for us to contact you.

Getting Responses

For getting maximum responses, you should make sure to fill up as many details on your profile as possible. Also you should be setting up your desired partner details and those should not be too narrow.

It is advised to be active as much as possible and respond to the connection requests as soon as possible. Also, respond in a soft tone and communicate about your concerns after giving a good introduction.

Yes, if you login your account after longer time spans then your profile visibility gets limited. Thus, in order to receive maximum responses, you should stay active on the site.

Additional services

Becoming a premium member, you’ll unlock potential options to increase your visibility over the network along with having some additional perks on contacting people privately.

No, one profile means one identity and you cannot use the same ID to look for match for your friends, relatives and family. However, you can invite them to create a profile or you can create a separate profile for them at Rishta Manzoor.

Managing Profile

For deleting/deactivating your profile, you can hover over your profile image and select settings. There you can find the option to delete your account.

You can hide your profile temporarily by making it private in visibility settings under your profile.

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