Top 5 Wedding Trends To Follow

Posted on 31 Dec, 2018

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Wedding is the most special life event for everyone and couples always want to make their wedding day memorable. Wedding trends vary from culture to culture.

Are you one of those couples who have no idea on latest wedding trends? Are you tired of seeing the same wedding trends again and again? You've got us at the right time. Have a look on the latest wedding trends now and don’t delay any more in picking yours.

1. Destination Wedding:

Destination weddings are at the top of the trends list. Most people are not aware of the idea yet! So, destination wedding is actually a wedding that is planned in some other country or a popular place. If you are having a good budget for your wedding ceremony then it would be the best idea for you.

All you'll need to take care of would be a good travel agent that could get the things settled for you. From travel to stay, everything is done by travel agents while the wedding planning and all related décor are done by your wedding planner. Don’t miss the opportunity of planning a destination wedding if you are really looking for a royal wedding.

2. Indoor Garden Theme:

Indoor garden themes are quite in these days. Couples prefer open air wedding setup instead of some traditional indoor setting. Indoor gardens represent the garden areas specifically left open in the wedding places. They have a theme based on your choice and create a magical environment which is loved by couples. The best part of it is its affordability along with a perfect place for capturing memories.

Thus, it could be your wedding theme if you’re looking for some mystical stuff that is equally affordable.

3. Vintage Style :

Vintage weddings take us back to the old traditional times. You'll be amazed to know that you can get the best vintage ideas out of the wedding photographs of your grandparents.

The best thing about a vintage wedding is the antique setup from crockery to dressing.

Decorating a cart traditionally for the couple's entrance would be the best addition to a vintage-style wedding. So, here's a thumbs up if you're up for a vintage-style wedding.

4.The Starry Night:

Starry night wedding theme is one of the dreamiest wedding themes. As its name suggests, it is based on the idea of a clear sky with twinkling stars. Though it actually could only be observed in some pollution-free parts of the world. Nowadays, the ambiance is mimicked by hanging fairy lights on the ceiling. Everyone will fall for such an ambiance. It is also trendy to have Champaign-colored lamps near the tables to add more grace to the mystic ambiance.

Thus, it could be one of your choices if you're planning to do something like a fairy tale. It is highly suggested for the couples whose love story is nothing less than a fairy tale because memories made in such an environment would keep rejoicing of your love fresh always.

5. Floral Style:

Floral-style weddings are not like lit traditional weddings but they are something very near to nature. Mostly floral-style weddings own a theme of light-colored flowers but they can vary according to your needs. If you're looking for something simple yet elegant, then it might be the right choice for you. Also, if you love a western-style wedding dress, then it is suggested to go with a light floral theme and if you want it traditional then some bright flowers would do the purpose the best. Why wait? Pick up your wedding style and let the love disperse in the air along with keeping it a memorable one for yourself as well as others.

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